Practice to Theory, Theory to Practice

While the modes and methods of social accountability have expanded considerably in the last few years, the question remains: is political accountability shrinking? While the parameters of democracy are being redefined under the present regime, what is the relationship between accountability and democracy? How do these fit within the framework of the Indian Constitution? We debate these questions and more as we move from practice to theory and theory to practice.

Credit: Digvijay Singh

12 Week Course on Social Accountability, National Law School, Benguluru

There is an urgent need to incorporate the practice and deliberations around social accountability into academic curricula that deal with citizen-state relationships. Students should be able to engage with and contribute to this growing body of knowledge both theoretically and in practice. In this context SAFAR, in collaboration with the National Law School of India University (NLSIU), will offer a two-credit course (40 hours) on Social Accountability for students of law and public policy at NLSIU, Benguluru.

Explorations in the concept of Social Accountability Outline for course on Social Accountability for NLSIU